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Strasburg's Setback

September 4, 2010

Tags: Differentiation, Challenge

Strasburg’s Setback Galatians 5:16-21

I must begin by asking Strasburg’s forgiveness: he has become a handy symbol, and I hope his multi-million dollar contract is somehow making up for his very public life.
At any rate, Strasburg has suffered a setback: an injury to his pitching arm that has put him on the disabled list and sent him in for surgery. Right when everything was going so well, too. (more…)

It's OK to be Miss Iowa if God made you to be Miss Iowa (Luke 19: 1-10)

August 1, 2010

Tags: Differentiation, Humor, Anxiety

Last Tuesday, we went to the Nationals game expecting to see Stephen Strasburg pitch. The game was delayed for a few minutes and people – 40,000+ people who had come to see him pitch – were getting restless. It was a fan seated right below us who noticed it first. “Who,” she said, “is that on the (more…)

Let's Stay Together (Matthew 7: 13-14)

July 17, 2010

Tags: Community, Differentiation

This week my office sponsored a conference in Memphis TN. You would have thought we had flown to another planet. D.C. and Memphis are two different worlds: one is competitive, urgent, brisk – the other is open, relaxed, slow. It was fascinating to note the effect on all of us. First were the comments (more…)