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If I only had a brain

January 22, 2011

Tags: prayer, humor

Maybe the scarecrow was onto something
Have you seen the Human Origins exhibit at the Museum of Natural History? The increasing brain size of the evolving human, and its evolutionary advantage, in spite of the many demands a large brain places on our bodies, is stunningly obvious. Somehow, though, even in a town like Washington, DC, where intellectual prowess is (more…)

All this and Yusuf (Cat Stevens) too!

October 30, 2010

Tags: humor

Yes I was there today at the Restore Sanity and/or Fear Rally today and yes I really like living in our nationís capitol! Although thereís enough material from the Rally for a thousand blogs, hereís a short summary: really great music, kind and courteous crowd, perfect weather, everyone having fun, (more…)