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If I only had a brain

January 22, 2011

Tags: prayer, humor

Maybe the scarecrow was onto something
Have you seen the Human Origins exhibit at the Museum of Natural History? The increasing brain size of the evolving human, and its evolutionary advantage, in spite of the many demands a large brain places on our bodies, is stunningly obvious. Somehow, though, even in a town like Washington, DC, where intellectual prowess is (more…)

Can we just be kids again? (Matthew 9:13)

June 20, 2010

Tags: Bible, prayer, humility, spirituality, baseball

Friday night Adam Dunn was part of a botched play at first base. Never mind that it wasnít really his fault. (The throw was a little high, and the need to keep his foot on first while attempting to catch it was probably uppermost in his mind, since a runner on third was (more…)

Our Father? (Matthew 6:9)

June 6, 2010

Tags: prayer, Lord's prayer, spirituality, life

For a long time, Iíve said the Lordís Prayer on the way to work. Itís a nice framework Ė in the car, I used to try to be to ďgive us this dayĒ by mile marker 19, as that part always took me a while.
I have a whole new problem now that (more…)