Barbara Laymon

Praying and blogging along the way

Can we just be kids again? (Matthew 9:13)

June 20, 2010

Tags: Bible, prayer, humility, spirituality, baseball

Friday night Adam Dunn was part of a botched play at first base. Never mind that it wasnít really his fault. (The throw was a little high, and the need to keep his foot on first while attempting to catch it was probably uppermost in his mind, since a runner on third was (more…)

Our Father? (Matthew 6:9)

June 6, 2010

Tags: prayer, Lord's prayer, spirituality, life

For a long time, Iíve said the Lordís Prayer on the way to work. Itís a nice framework Ė in the car, I used to try to be to ďgive us this dayĒ by mile marker 19, as that part always took me a while.
I have a whole new problem now that (more…)