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Reflections on the Sunday lectionary readings


Isaiah 6:1-8, (9-13)  •  Psalm 138  •  1 Corinthians 15:1-11  •  Luke 5:1-11


My idea of fishing is sitting with a pole by the bank of a lake or river. This picture, of a group catching fish with large nets cast over the side of a boat is a whole different side to fishing. It is hard work involving several people, with much cooperation required. The fish are caught, not individually, but many in one casting of a net. What can it mean to become one who is a catcher of people (v. 10), when this is the model?


First, one cannot fish this way alone. It requires one to work with others, always aware of a goal of an environment where people can thrive, where their best self can be free to exist. Second, it requires one to bring one's own best self to the environment. It is as though one must constantly fish to attend to one's feelings and discover one's own best thoughts. Third, this best self has to be clear to others; it must be constantly defined so that others can see it. If not, the fishing waters are muddied, so to speak. The vision is a place where each person is free and even encouraged to be a self while at the same time staying connected in a respectful way with all others. It is a lifelong fishing expedition.


Morning reflection: How can I be my best self with the people I will see today, while giving them room to thrive as well?

Evening reflection: Where did I see myself being clear? Where did I lack self-definition?

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