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From the Preface

One sleepy morning, sipping my first cup of coffee as I signed on to check my e-mail, a snarly but seductive voice said, "Welcome! You've got Hell." Suddenly wide awake, coffee sloshing everywhere, I found myself reading correspondence from an elderly advisor named Anesthesia to a junior tempter on her first assignement. When the screen began blurring I somehow thought to hit the print command. The next thing I knew my computer was crashing and burning-- and I was holding on to the letters that follow here.

Letters from an exceptionally clever devil once fell into the hands of C.S. Lewis, who chronicled them in The Screwtape Letters. I first read Screwtape when I was seventeen, and over the years it has become a good friend--entertaining, understanding, and enlightening. Whterher the reader has also enjoyed Screwtape or is new to the genre of these devilish writings, Anesthesia's letters may shed some light on the diabolical difficulties of leading a spiritual life today.

After reading Anesthesia's letters a few times, I began to notice the most disconcerting and dismaying similarities between her and me on a bad day. Exactly how her letters might speak to theological views about the nature of evil, Jungian concepts of the shadow side, dualism, or other constructs for all that has gone wrong in the world, I can't say...
(continued on page 9, The Devil's Inbox)