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Lectionary Living

Mary, Joseph and Jesus see a therapist

It took only one week in the church year for Jesus to jump from a baby in a manger to a twelve-year-old adolescent boy, asserting himself. One wonders what happened next. If the story were happening today, one can picture Mary going home and immediately calling her therapist for a family session.  Read More 
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The promise of peace

Sometimes it may seem that the people living in Biblical times were very different from us. On the other hand, what makes scriptures so valuable is their capacity to shed light on the human dilemma, regardless of the century. Today’s readings begin with Micah, a prophet writing possibly 2500 years ago. Micah told the people that someday a child will be born in Bethlehem, and that he would bring peace. He specifically mentioned that the origins of this child are ancient (Micah 5:2). It is a mysterious comment in what is otherwise a pretty specific and straightforward prophecy.  Read More 
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It's not complicated

Today’s story involves a prophet of the Lord – a famous one – John the Baptist. Now John the Baptist was clear about a lot of things. That he was not worthy to untie a strap of the sandal of our Lord, for one thing. For another, that many of the people coming to see him needed to begin by repenting. Somehow he got them to do just that. Calling them a brood of vipers seems to have worked!  Read More 
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