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Welcome All!

This week's thoughts posted on the Blog page!


Barbara Laymon's interests span many areas, but are united by a curiosity about life itself. What are we humans to make of our peculiar place in the universe? What are we to do with what we have been given? She thinks that each person has two responsibilities: to be true to self, and to stay connected with others. It is her considered observation that these two things take a lot of time! She wonders if the entire universe is caught up with accomplishing them, in one way or another.


Barbara's first book, The Devil's Inbox, published by Augsburg Books, was a Christian apologetic formatted as a novella. In it, a senior tempter in Hell sends emails to a junior tempter on Earth, targeting the conquest of a woman living in the early 21st century.


Barbara is a career public health professional with a background in community health assessment and improvement planning. She focuses now on the social determinants of health, or how context shapes behavior. Her public health publications are available through academic libraries; several trade publications are available at More recently, Barbara has studied counseling, completing a dissertation on "Spirituality in Individuality and Togetherness: A Quantitative Analysis based in Bowen Theory." She looks forward to publishing more on this topic and related areas of family systems theory.