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Reflections on the Sunday readings

Who's your daddy? (Matthew 21: 1-11)

Ever have your boss tell you to do something and you are the one who ends out looking stupid? Well it happened to the Nats’ catcher, ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez, last Tuesday. Some back story: Rodriguez is a forty-year-old catcher, and catchers (built solid and low to the ground) are as slow as molasses. Rodriguez was  Read More 
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Ashes to Ashes, Donkey Dust to Donkey Dust (Matthew 10:14)

Yesterday someone told me that I was full of donkey dust. Not donkey dust as in the social drug Ketamine, - currently, for some reason, in spite of its danger, all the rage. But donkey dust as in “Barbara you are full of crap.”  Read More 
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Can we just be kids again? (Matthew 9:13)

Friday night Adam Dunn was part of a botched play at first base. Never mind that it wasn’t really his fault. (The throw was a little high, and the need to keep his foot on first while attempting to catch it was probably uppermost in his mind, since a runner on third was  Read More 
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Heaven on Earth with the Nationals (Matthew 6:10)

First: Stephen Strasburg is not God, nor is he a god. That’s not what I’m saying. For more on this, see Bill Murray
But back to Strasburg. His first night of pitching for the Nationals was heaven. My (non-students-of-the-game) friends have asked me, with puzzled expressions, why I keep talking about it and just what all the excitement was about.
It was like a fine glass of wine. Or a great meal,  Read More 
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